I'm David.

Capturing Moments in the World of Sports

I've been on an incredible photographic journey since 2006, one that has allowed me to immerse myself in the dynamic world of sports culture. As a photographer, my passion lies in documenting and preserving the essence of athleticism, focusing on those moments when dedication, discipline, and dreams converge.

Trusted Access, Unforgettable Moments

My unique niche in sports culture photography grants me unparalleled access to athletes who are dedicated to achieving greatness, often setting their sights on the pinnacle of their sport - the Olympics. These athletes trust me to capture their journey, their sweat and sacrifice, and their moments of triumph and resilience. It's a privilege I don't take lightly.

From grass-roots


Rediscovering the Athlete's Heart Through the Lens

In my high school years, I discovered the love of running and the unparalleled thrill of competition. The power of crafting my own vision for each race ignited my passion for sports. However, an injury during college momentarily stripped me of that exhilarating feeling.

Yet, when I stumbled upon photography, I found my way back to that exhilaration. Photography became my medium for recapturing the essence of sports. Having experienced the highs and lows of competition, the dedication, and the sacrifices firsthand, I developed a unique perspective. It's this intimate relationship with the sports world that fuels my photography – an understanding of the pleasure, the pain, the beauty, and every nuance in between. My images are a testament to this profound connection, capturing the very heart of sports culture through the lens of someone who's lived it.

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

Trusted by Leading Brands

My work has caught the eye of industry giants like New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Brooks, and Puma. These renowned brands have entrusted me with their athletes, recognizing my ability to capture the authenticity and dedication that resonate with sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Blending Digital and Film

In my craft, I find beauty in the marriage of digital and film photography. The blend of modern technology with the timeless authenticity of film results in images that resonate on a deep, emotional level. Although I long for the days when affordable peel-apart Polaroid 195 film was readily available, I continue to push the boundaries of my art.

A World of Adventures

Beyond the lens, I'm an ardent traveler. My wanderlust knows no bounds, and I'm constantly seeking new horizons and challenges. Whether it's capturing the vibrant spirit of summer in Jamaica or embracing the raw beauty of Northeastern U.S. winters, I thrive on the diversity of the environments I work in.


A Photographer for the Sports Community

I consider myself a storyteller within the sports community. When athletes and enthusiasts view my images, they see more than just pictures; they witness the heart and soul of their sport. It's about conveying the emotion, passion, and determination that make these moments so powerful.

Natural Light Enthusiast

My photography is an ode to natural light. I believe that there's an ethereal quality to images bathed in the soft glow of sunlight, especially when it illuminates those pivotal moments for athletes. My work is a testament to the belief that these moments deserve to be captured with the utmost care and reverence.

The Process

01. Connect

Explore the nexus of athleticism and artistry. Dive deep into the heart of sports culture where the lens meets the spirit, creating a profound connection that echoes through every photograph.

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Discover the thought process behind each frame, where the essence of athleticism merges with the vision of the lens, giving birth to captivating concepts that capture the heart and soul of sports culture.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Step into the world of creation where moments, light, and dedication unite. Explore the artistic journey that transforms raw captures into timeless photographs, celebrating the indomitable spirit of athletes.

Bring it to life

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